We do not believe in empty green marketing. We are transparent and realistic in our ultimate goal of building a fully sustainable brand. We realise that we as a brand and the fashion industry as a whole have a long way to go to get there. That does not mean we are not aspiring to achieve it. We are committed to executing our best practice across the whole collection from the get go. Selection of fabrics, production processes and distribution is handled in accordance with the most up to date knowledge about sustainable practices in the textile and fashion industry. Development of this area is led by our designer who constantly researches and studies to improve and update all our activities.


  • We design with one main principle in mind BUY BETTER FOR LONGER. Carefully overseeing every stage of the design and production to get the most durable outcome.
  • We select high-quality fabrics with below certifications:
      • Oeko-Tex 100 - fabric confirmed to not contain harmful chemicals and be safe for human health.
      • ECOVERO™, LENZING™, TENCEL™ - fabric fibers guaranteed to have low environmental impact.
      • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) - requirements defined as ensuring accurate content claims, good working conditions and reduction of harmful environmental/chemical impacts.
      • Vegan - no animal protein is used in yarn, dyestuff, chemicals and solvents.
    • We use innovative and more efficient digital textile printing technique and dyes without harmful chemicals - Oeko-Tex 100 certified.
    • Our garment manufacturers are based in EU and are audited and certified with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) confirming origin and safety of their product as well as safe and decent working conditions.
    • All collections are produced in a limited series to reduce overproduction.
    • Working in an innovative 3D Design software helps us to reduce quantity of samples at development stage, parcels sent between us and our suppliers, and paper waste.
    • The design studio uses 100% renewable energy sources.
    • We take care of what we produce – see our CARE-RETHINK-REUSE programme.
    • Our biodegradable and recyclable packaging is 90% produced from recycled materials. Additionally with every order we make sure we plant more trees than we use for production of our boxes.




      We use certified viscose, cupro, modal and tencel fabrics only. Making sure production of our fabrics regulates the origin of raw materials and is reducing excess water as well as using closed loop processes and limiting the use of harmful chemicals. See our fabrics guide



      The digital printing and Eco-Corrosion techniques we use indicate less consumption of energy, water, chemicals, dyes and solvents than traditional methods. Our woven fabrics are produced by IPEKER - a family run mill founded in 1930 in Turkey. Production lines adhere to European standards. All fabrics they produce have certificates confirming sources and many aspects of their operations. The company relies on renewable energy and does not use fossil fuels at all. Ipeker reduces their water consumption and uses a closed water treatment system. More information is available here.

      All our placement prints (on t-shirts and jumpers) are made by artists cooperation BLOT based in Lodz, Poland. Silk screen print studio uses water based dyes with Oeko- Tex 100 certificate. 



      Clothing manufacturing is based in the EU, primarily in Poland. Our main supplier is Cutting Partners - which has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certificate, regulating the issues of prohibited child labor, health and safety, hygiene, working time and conditions and fair pay.

      From the very beginning we create sketches and prints in digital versions. All garment patterns are constructed in the newest 3D software, which reduces the number of sewn prototypes and consumption of paper at the development stage. Working this way we also reduce our carbon footprint due to the lesser amount of parcels sent between us and our supplier.



      The shipping packaging we use is ecologically produced from 90% recycled material and printed with water based ink which makes them easily recyclable again. It is also as small as possible, so that each shipping is as efficient as possible and reduces our carbon footprint. With each order of our shipping packaging we support the planet's reforestation programme. More at OneTreePlanted.org.


      All these practices give us the opportunity to reduce the negative impact of our production on the environment, minimize our carbon footprint, ensure that factory production is supported by energy from renewable sources and provide us the certainty that the companies we work with respect their employees, providing them with safe and decent workplace conditions and fair wages.


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