CLSH is a centre point for contrasting styles, diverse personalities and distant habitats to meet. The result is desk to dinner designs for bold, classy and passionate womxn searching for look that stitches together a bold, stylish aesthetic with flexible fashion. A fashion that has considered every need, body shape and mood whilst giving space for your creativity and finishing touches.

Our exclusive garments print weave the message into the fabric: cuts and colour combinations packed with energy, attitude and harmony. We won’t rerun our print stories. When they are gone, they are gone. We design all our prints ourselves or in collaboration with personally picked media artists who inspire and excite us. Hours of sketching, sharing ideas and dedicated discussions ensure meticulous quality in the development of our intricate details, colours and patterns.


Womxn of CLSH are like us: open-minded, vigorous and enjoy expressing their character through their clothes. We design in a way that encourages styling and adjustment as part of the fun in looking and feeling great. We believe in a fashion that always feels refreshing and can reinvent itself every time it touches our skin.

To meet womxn of CLSH follow #CLashShapesHer
To share your story with us, please write to sayhello@clsh-store.com


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